log4c  1.2.4
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*appender.hImplement this interface for your own strategies for printing log statements
o*appender_type_mmap.hLog4c mmap(2) appender interface
o*appender_type_rollingfile.hLog4c rolling file appender interface
o*appender_type_stream.hLog4c stream appender interface
o*appender_type_stream2.hLog4c stream2 appender interface
o*appender_type_syslog.hLog4c syslog(3) appender interface
o*buffer.hLog4c buffer
o*category.hCentral class in the log4c package
o*init.hLog4c constructors and destructors
o*layout.hInterface for user specific layout format of log4c_logging_event events
o*layout_type_basic.hImplement a basic layout
o*layout_type_basic_r.hImplement a basic_r layout
o*layout_type_dated.hImplement a dated layout
o*layout_type_dated_local.hImplement a dated layout with local time
o*layout_type_dated_local_r.hImplement a dated layout (reentrant) with local time
o*layout_type_dated_r.hImplement a dated_r layout
o*location_info.hThe internal representation of caller location information
o*logging_event.hInternal representation of logging events
o*priority.hThe priority class provides importance levels with which one can categorize log messages
o*rc.hLog4c resource configuration
o*rollingpolicy.hLog4c rolling policy interface. Defines the interface for managing and providing rolling policies
o*rollingpolicy_type_sizewin.hLog4c rolling file size-win interface. Log4c ships with (and defaults to) the classic size-window rollover policy: this triggers rollover when files reach a maximum size. The first file in the list is always the current file; when a rollover event occurs files are shifted up by one position in the list–if the number of files in the list has already reached the max then the oldest file is rotated out of the window