log4c  1.2.4
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logging_event.h File Reference

the internal representation of logging events. More...

#include <log4c/defs.h>
#include <log4c/buffer.h>
#include <log4c/location_info.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
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Data Structures

struct  log4c_logging_event_t
 logging event object More...


log4c_logging_event_tlog4c_logging_event_new (const char *a_category, int a_priority, const char *a_message)
void log4c_logging_event_delete (log4c_logging_event_t *a_event)

Detailed Description

the internal representation of logging events.

When a affirmative logging decision is made a log4c_logging_event instance is created. This instance is passed around the different log4c components.

Function Documentation

void log4c_logging_event_delete ( log4c_logging_event_t a_event)

Destructor for a logging event.

a_eventthe logging event object
log4c_logging_event_t* log4c_logging_event_new ( const char *  a_category,
int  a_priority,
const char *  a_message 

Constructor for a logging event.

a_categorythe category name
a_prioritythe category initial priority
a_messagethe message of this event
need to handle multi-threading (NDC)